WinTally is the FREE software used to download and print reports from data collected by the MicroTally Turning Movement Counters.

The latest version of WinTally is released on November 30, 2011. Click here to download it now.

WinTally Requirements

Operating System: Windows 98/98SE/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor: Pentium 90Mhz or better
Memory: 16 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 4 MB Free

WinTally Features

  • Easy to use
  • Easily set a Unit ID code in the MicroTally units
  • Quick downloading and processing of MicroTally raw time-stamp data.
  • Fully configure the behavior of the MicroTally buttons after data is collected and downloaded.
  • Buttons can be used as "shift" buttons (to effectively get more than 14 different buttons).
  • A button may be used as a "video interval" button to more easily do counts based off of video sources.
  • Simple data summary screens for each study.
  • Saving and opening of the raw time-stamp data files for use in WinTally.
  • Exporting of MicroTally data into CSV files for easy import into any spreadsheet or database.
  • Clear and concise reports of MicroTally data.
  • Easily upgradable via the Internet by clicking on "Check for updates".
  • Auto-upgrades unit firmware if a new firmware version is available.

WinTally Screenshots

Click on any of the links below to view screenshots of WinTally.

Screenshot #1 - Main screen with unit connected
Screenshot #2 - Editing header of data with multiple studies
Screenshot #3 - Editing the button names and how they were used
Screenshot #4 - Data summary screen
Screenshot #5 - Data selection and options for printing reports
Screenshot #6 - Data selection and options when exporting data
Report snapshot - Print Preview of the standard report showing the report's data with all options selected (sub total, column total, row total, and peak hour)

Changes in version (minor release)

[New]  Added memory size checking so WinTally works with the new 2MB memory MicroTally units.
[Fix]  Fixed a bug with the button layouts that would disable approaches if a button layout file was unable to load. This was likely a rather rare exception, however if a layout was created and saved based off of a layout that could not load, then that new saved layout would not let you set approaches for buttons. On the button layout screen, there would be no approach directions in the "Approach" dropdown list for a button (and none of the buttons in the table would have colored backgrounds). This has been fixed, and previous button layouts that did not have their approach directions in the dropdown list will now have them.

View a list of all WinTally changes

WinTally Downloads

The latest version of WinTally is

The latest version of WinTally now includes an optional installation of sample data files. If you would like to look over the software without a physical unit, you can choose to install these data files when you install the software.

Notes on software updates: If you already have a computer with WinTally installed and it has access to the Internet then you can use WinTally's auto-update feature to avoid the extra steps of downloading and installing. To do this open up the WinTally software, go into "Preferences", and click on "Check for Updates", that will check for updates and apply them if there are any available. This makes updating quick and easy.

If you have a version prior to already installed and you are choosing to download a new version below instead of doing a software update, then you will need to uninstall it before installing a new version or you may end up with two WinTally installations on your computer. Versions and later can be installed directly over with a newer version, no more uninstalls are required.

Sample WTD Files (WinTally Data Files):
sample1_single_study.wtd | sample2_multi_study.wtd


WinTally archive:

Name     Version     Date     Size     Filename      
WinTally     November 30, 2011     3012KB     WinTally_installer_2_6_0_2.exe     Download
WinTally     September 9, 2011     2990KB     WinTally_installer_2_6_0_1.exe     Download
WinTally     August 23, 2011     2990KB     WinTally_installer_2_6_0_0.exe     Download
WinTally     February 21, 2008     5620KB     WinTally_installer_2_5_0_2.exe     Download
WinTally     February 04, 2008     5477KB     WinTally_installer_2_5_0_1.exe     Download
WinTally     September 05, 2007     5477KB     WinTally_installer_2_4_0_3.exe     Download
WinTally     August 31, 2007     5477KB     WinTally_installer_2_4_0_2.exe     Download
WinTally     August 17, 2007     5397KB     WinTally_installer_2_4_0_1.exe     Download
WinTally     June 12, 2007     5395KB     WinTally_installer_2_4_0_0.exe     Download
WinTally     May 09, 2007     5335KB     WinTally_installer_2_3_1_5.exe     Download
WinTally     April 02, 2007     5335KB     WinTally_installer_2_3_1_4.exe     Download
WinTally     August 9, 2006     5205KB     WinTally_installer_2_3_1_3.exe     Download
WinTally     February 1, 2006     5145KB     WinTally_installer_2_3_0_0.exe     Download
WinTally     October 19, 2005     5086KB     WinTally_installer_2_2_1_0.exe     Download
WinTally     October 13, 2005     4713KB     Not Available
WinTally     September 8, 2005     5063KB     WinTally_installer_2_1_2_0.exe     Download
WinTally     August 9, 2005     5031KB     WinTally_installer_2_1_1_0.exe     Download
WinTally     August 5, 2005     4647KB     WinTally_installer_2_1_0_0.exe     Download
WinTally     July 13, 2005     4643KB     WinTally_installer_2_0_0_1.exe     Download


WinTally Help

MicroTally / WinTally Online Manual
MicroTally / WinTally Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)